Q. How to display the system banner on my website?
R. By inserting the html code available on your account. It is unique, if you take it from another website, you increase the stats of the other website.
Q. With which websites I trade?
R. By registering your site, if you choose the category "All" you will spread throughout the network ZeTraffic, your banner will be displayed on all sites with the same language. If you choose another category you will broadcast only on sites in the same category and the same language.
Q. What websites are accepted by ZeTraffic?
R. All sites except adult sites.
Q. When my banners will be displayed?
R. Your banners will be displayed in order of availability. The system ZeTraffic is meant to balance the number of clicks received and sent in real time : you generate more clicks and your banner will be shown in priority to generate clicks to your site.
Q. Can I register several sites on the same account?
R. Of course, each site will have its own html code, and each site has its own statistics.
Q. What's the score?
R. The score is : (0.9*clicks sent/(0.9*clicks sent + clicks received))*100. The score must be equal to 50 and the system makes sure the trend towards 50 in real time.
Q. A score above 50, what does that mean?
R. it means that you have sent more clicks than you have received, in this case your website is a priority in the display on other sites to receive impressions and clicks.
Q. I looked at the list of sites of the system and inside, in my opinion, a site has nothing to do, what do I do ?
R. You send us the address of the site in question to be banned.
Q. Where do I put the system banner ?
R. Where you want! On the home page, for example, page links, etc. The system banner should be visible on your website (top of page) to generate clicks. In any case, our system is a system of clicks exchange, not views.
Q. Can I display the system banner page several times?
R. You display the system banner or you want and as much per page, until the clicks are not fraudulent.
Q. Can I use an automatic refresh banners?
R. Yes, do not worry.
Q. Can I put the script on the banner in an iframe?
R. Yes, do not worry.
Q. I'm moving / renovating my site, so I can not display the system banner for a few days. Is this a problem?
R. No, not at all.