How it works?


ZEtraffic is a clicks (visitors) exchange network between websites, this is a new way to attract new visitors to your site or blog without spending money. They are two ways to exchange: 468x60 Banner and Text link.

ZEtraffic is based on the equation: 10 clicks sent = 9 visits received, the remainder click is used to fund the network needs (servers, moderation ... etc).

The system ZEtraffic is meant to balance the number of clicks received and sent in real time: you generate more clicks, the more your banner and your link text will be shown to generate as many clicks to your website.

The score corresponds to the equation: Score = 100 x clicks sent / (clicks sent + clicks received) , the score should be 50 and the system makes sure the trend towards 50 in real time. So, the web sites that have the highest priority score to receive impressions and clicks.

Detailed statistics are available for each site member updated every 5 minutes.


Once registered on the website, "My Sites" menu allows you to add your website. For each site, you must enter a Language and Category. For the site category you have two options, Either way you choose All, and in this case you exchange visits with all websites members of the same language, either you choose a well-defined category (for example Auto-Moto) and in this case you trade primarily with sites that have the same language and category Auto-Moto.

At the end of the listing your site, the system will generate the Javascript codes for 468x60 banner and text link. you must copy them into your website.

Once the codes are inserted in your website, the system begins to count impressions and clicks sent and received. You can put as many banners and text links that you want on your website, only clicks are recorded, therefore prefer locations at the top of your pages.

Example codes with corresponding views:

Copy this code in your website to start exchanging:


Copy this code in your website to start exchanging:


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